To my dear friends and pals here at E2...

I'd like to apologize for disappearing off the planet and worrying so many (but it's great to feel so cared about -- 1710 msg's ???)

When I signed off 5.5 months ago I thought it was for a few days... had I known I wouldn't be able to get back here for that long, believe me I would have done something to let ya'all know that I'm alive and well. But the few days turned into weeks, the weeks into months as my personal life spun out of control in chaos and drama. (just add wellbutrin, lexipro and anti-anxiety meds - stir well and things do start to look up...)

I still don't have internet access yet, it may be a few more weeks, or a few months till I have it again.

I plan to write a personal message to as many of my personal friends here as I can while I do have access today - if you don't get one ... pleeeeeeeeeeeease do not take it personal - I am unsure how long I will have access to the net today. E2 was the first place I came as I have thought alot about the few here who may be worried that something happened to me...

Take care all and when I do get net access you know this will again be my 2nd home... :)