I thought I'd give a shot at helping those with Noders Block since I see it mentioned so often in the Chatbox.

Here are some options:

Type Don, Jim, Mark, team, train, last or whatever the search box, check "ignore exact" take a look at the list. Anything there catch your eye? If so take a peek, see if it's a node or a nodeshell. See if you can write a more detailed WU on that particular person / idea.

Type "Top 100" in the search box (ignore exact perhaps) and take a look at some of those lists, such as Top 100 rock bands, singers, Top 100 books of all time, or Authors of all time etc. Any of those bands / books / authors / books etc catch your eye? Have they been noded? Could you supply a more detailed WU?

Select the "A year ago today" feature - and at the bottom choose 2001. Check out the nodes done that day, often the nodes back then were not as detailed as they could be. If any of those catch your eye, node them!

Type "award" or "prize" in the search box (ignore exact) take a look at the lists of awards. Anyone on those lists of awards catch your eye? Nobel prize winners for example?

Take a look at the C!'d WU's often times those WU's contain alot of leads to future WU's.

Hit the "Random Node" feature, you'll find alot of empty nodeshells, and simple Webster definitions that could be expanded upon.

Another option you may already know is The Content Rescue Team : Nodes

What's the most interesting thing you learned last year in school? Or at work? That might be good to node.

Another idea would be to go to a random link Yahoo, and node the first thing you find there. http://mangle.ca/ranlinks.php

Another good idea would be to go to http://www.metaspy.com/ and just watch what others are searching for, often it'll be something someone wants to know more about, is it noded here?

Well I hope these ideas are helpful. Please check this node again sometime as I'm having a mental block on some of the many ideas I have for this!

3 of my nodes that provide some excellent leads:

Country Music Hall of Fame lists dozens of famous singers not yet noded

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America lists dozens of famouse racers not yet noded.

Indian Fairy Tales has so many leads of potential historical WU's it's mind boggling.

Good luck and happy noding!