Well, a week of strange, a strange week it's been.

In the last week, I've lost a girl I could honeslty see myself having children with and living with into old age. She loves God so much, she can't be with me. This is no reason to be angry or bitter; I actually feel a sense of peace. She's in my life, that's all I need.

Second point - I started reading the bible. I'm actually reading the bible. I've never wanted/needed to before. I started reading to understand how she thought and why she does things. I'm now reading it for me and I feel honestly better for it. I'm questioning and enjoying it and this has to be good.

I e-mailed someone I really hurt in the past. I don't know if she'll reply but I hope she does. I did it through Friends Reunited, which is kind of strange because a)she wouldn't consider me a friend last time I spoke to her and b)can you be reunited with someone who tells you to go away and never come back?

July 30th. I got over this. She nevers calls. I can live with it. Phew