Subtitle: The Waiting Game I'm currently in a state of limbo for three reasons.

1.) Having turned up at the cinema last night to see Monsters. Inc, the queue was so long I could've had a birthday whilst waiting. So I'm now waiting until the crowds thin out so that I can go see it without queuing with hormonal teenagers.

2.) Work. There's nothing going on. I come in, sit, wait for something to happen. They tell me it will. It hasn't. Incidentally, I don't hate my job. When it's busy, it's great.

3.) My girlfriend is trying to decide whether she wants to be with me anymore. There is a letter at home waiting for me. Waiting to tell me if her being a Christian and me not being one (yet) is the deciding factor on whether we can continue. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves God more. I can understand this, and I don't feel sad. But what does make me sad, is that I'm trying to understand her life, her thoughts and why she thinks things. She's funny, intelligent, smart and sensitive and she fascinates me. But right now, she's putting me through purgatory by not answering the one question.

But I'll get through it. The waiting will end; I'll see the film, work will pick up and the girl will let me know. The only way, ever, is up.

Later that day: I have the letter. We've split. It's for the right reason, but not one I believe in. If you love someone, you have to let them go right? The best bit is that she won't leave my life and that's good because it's a much brighter place with her in it.