I like to think that for every decision you make there is an alternate universe that goes the other way. For example you're waiting for an elevator and two open simultaneously. Which one do you get on? Will that decision affect the rest of your life? I often think about how the slightest thing can change my life. Sometimes it scares me to think that I could possibly make the wrong decision. I could get on the wrong elevator and miss the love of my life.

To keep my overactive mind from troubling me too much, I hold my silly fantasy of alternate universes. For everything that has gone wrong in my life there is a universe where it didn't. There is a universe where my childhood dog runs through my yard and sits under the shade tree with me in the summer. There is a universe where I'm still with my first love. There is a universe where I get to be with all the people I wish I could've known more about. These alternate universes are perpetually happy. They hold those perfect moments that we experience forever. I realize this is a cheesy, sentimental idea, but sometimes it makes me feel better. It often reassures me to think that no matter what happens somewhere there is a me that lives the lives I never could.