Worlds of Fun is one of the largest amusement parks in the Midwest. It opened in Kansas City, Missouri on May 26, 1973. The Park consists of over 180 acres of rides, shows, games, and attractions. There are five worlds:

Worlds of Fun also has some of the tallest, fastest roller coasters in the US.
The Mamba was added to the park in 1998. It is a steel roller coaster with a high point of 205 feet. Riders will reach maximum speeds of 75 mph and experience up to 3.5 G.
The Boomerang is one of Worlds of Fun's newest roller coasters, added in 2000. This ride is unique from the other coasters in the park because it takes the riders through six inversions forward and backward.
Timber Wolf
The Timber Wolf was introduced in 1989 as the parks first and only wooden roller coaster. In 1991 it attained the title of worlds best roller coaster. It continues to be ranked among the top 25 roller coasters in the world.
Orient Express
The Orient Express opened in 1980. It is one of the only roller coasters in the world with interlocking loops. This steel coaster takes riders down a 115 ft drop and reaches speeds of up to 65 mph