At first today was a good day, I walked to the library to pick up some videos. The day was beautiful and it made the walk spectacualar. My sister was gone all day and night so the day was even better. I was suppposed to go out with friends, but I ended up locking myself out of the house. When I finally got back in it was too late to go out. So I wrote psydereal an email to tell her how sad I was. She called, and it just made my evening. We sat around talking on the phone for like two hours. My sister is going to get this huge phone bill, but I don't care. I was drunk, and so was she. We just talked and talked. I just get the feeling that even if she doesn't understand my problems, she'll at least listen to me blabber about them. She doesn't offer up meaningless advice like many people do, she just listens. I know I can't solve her problems either, but I just listen. Sometimes thats all that matters, to have someone to listen to your problems.