I'm beginning to think I shall never find a job. Today I applied at Winchell's Donuts; I figure I can handle donuts. I've already worked with donuts once. I also went to JCPenny to apply for a job. They have the whole thing set up on computer. So here I am standing in this dumb little hallway answering questions like "How do you usually solve a difficult problem?" There's this list of choices you get to choose from. I had to answer 46 questions. When I got to the end, the computer told me my answers had not matched the criteria for the job I wanted. What a bunch of crap! I could've lied very easily and answered exactly how they wanted me to, but I don't want to lie to get a job. I want people to want me for who I am. I want people to love me for who I am. I'll work hard at any job I get. Plus I'm extremely available considering I have nothing else to do. I am a very spunky person. I am a lot spunkier than all the other drivers in Omaha. People really need to lighten up. I am the only driver in Omaha that dances and sings when I drive. So I brought myself home made some candy to give away at the next rave, made dinner, skulled a margarita, watched some hockey, and read my book Rendevous with Rama by the amazing Arthur C. Clarke. That margarita is really taking its toll; I think bed shall be a welcome relief.