I used to think it was about being fucked up or being sober, but I don't think it's either. I think it's about being ok where you are. It's about being a decent person whether you're fucked out of your mind or not. As I've probably said before, and I will definitely say again drugs aren't bad. People make bad decisions and a lot of times drugs are involved. I've made those bad decisions. I've done drugs to cover my pain, to get rid of my lonliness, but soon enough you realize pain, lonliness and uncertainty can penetrate any high. Drugs are fun, and that's all they should be, but they become so much more, and that's where problems arise. I love drugs. I haven't done drugs in months. I would love to snort a ton of cocaine, but I'm also happy where I am. Love drugs, and do drugs if you are so inclined, but be responsible and be informed. Make sure you're doing things because you truly want to.