I was somewhere in Lawrence. I am not sure where. I looked behind me and saw a girl with a rave flier. On the flier I saw the name Frankie Bones. He was spinning at a rave in Lawrence that night. I asked the girl if I could look at the flier and she said sure. I was checking out the flier, and I knew I just had to go to the party. It was at someplace called "Set Coast Records", or something like that. Even though this place doesn't really exist, I knew what it looked like, and I recognized it as a venue for previous raves. I return the flier to the girl, and leave planning to attend the rave. Somehow I ended up with the girl's gloves, which were small and gray. When I realized I had them, I decided I would return them at the rave.

Later I go to the venue, and I'm wondering around. I haven't paid or bought a ticket, but somehow I got in the venue. I can hear the music, but I can't see the main room. The place is huge, slanted, and very dark. I'm standing on a staircase looking down, and I see my friend Maggie and her boyfriend and some other guy head towards the main room. For some reason Maggie's boyfriend is dressed like a woman.

After wandering around for a while and trying to dance on the uneven floor, I make my way to the main entrance to purchase an armband, so I can get into the rave. For some reason, I can't get a ticket. I don't have any money or something. The people in front of me buy a bunch of tickets and they're given a hanful of armbands. I grab a couple hoping I won't be noticed, but they catch me and I give them back. I apologize to the guy who bought them and say "I'm really sorry. I so want to see Frankie Bones, but I have no money to buy a ticket." So the guy who I just tried to steal from buys me a ticket. Instead of an armband I get three little carnival tickets. Supposedly the tickets can get me an armband, but I have to go somewhere else to get it. I end up at a cashier's window on a lower level in the same building. I try to exchange my tickets for an armband, but they refuse. I yell at them, but nothing happens.

sorry about the verb tense shift....dreams are weird like that