For my birthday my friend psydereal (of everything fame) and I traveled to Omaha for a two-day outdoor rave experience known as Playground. When we got there the fuzz was searching cars like we were all Columbian drug lords fresh off a plane from South America.

One guy said they searched his car so well, they folded all the clothes that were scattered around in his back seat.

As a direct result of this intensive crack down, the party was drier than fuck. Plus the mosquitoes were so fierce people were asking for insect repellant over drugs. Around 1am psydereal and I happened upon some Mollies (ecstasy). Having had bad luck in the past with purchasing pills from strangers, we were a little wary. Everything worked out just fine. I ended up rolling really hard, and getting a two-hour back massage from this nice guy, we'll call him Mr. K for safety's sake. He was awesome, and he listened to my insane e-tard speak for hours. Sometime in the middle of the night he asked me if I wanted to go cuddle in his tent.

The little e-tard inside was like "yeah let's cuddle," while the logical rational being in the back said "What the fuck, do you actually think he just wants to cuddle?"

All I could think was "I get to cuddle, I get to cuddle."

E-tards love to cuddle. We'll cuddle with anybody. We'll hug anybody. We'll kiss anybody. We'll tell anybody anything.

Needless to say, I had a lot more fun with Mr. K than just cuddling.

The moral of the story is: most of us have that good little conscience that tries to keep us in line, but we ignore it. We may act stupid, but we really know what's going to go down. I knew I wasn't going to just cuddle, but I went in the tent anyway. So maybe our subconscious is telling us something. Don't do the sensible, rational thing, follow your instincts. Usually things will turn out okay.

If you want to cuddle, cuddle cuddle cuddle.

As a side note, I just want to say the people at Playground were awesome. Mr. K and everyone was just so super nice.