A sudden, spontaneous reversion to a previous drug-induced state.

Anyone that has ever had a wonderful experience with ecstasy or acid or a combination of both probably knows what I'm talking about. You'll just be sitting in class or walking down the street and for some reason you think of a rave or a fun night you spent with your friends, and it hits you. You actually feel like you're rolling, tripping, candyflipping, tweaking, whatever You feel completely fucked up, but you are completely sober. A big grin is plastered all over your face, and you're just staring off into the distance. Sometimes cheesin' out is induced by an outside stimulus such as, a song, a flier, or another memento of your past experiences. For me my trigger is often the music of DJ Spree. I'll just be enjoying the happy hardcore, and I can't help but think about all the amazing times I've spent in dark buildings dancing all night long. Then the smile overcomes me, and I feel the rush like it's happening all over again.

With my experience cheesin' out is not necessarily limited to the reliving of drug-induced experiences, it can just be a really happy sober moment that comes back to you. But for me it always seems to be the times I spent rollin'. Maybe it's brain damage, who knows.