Simple reflex game for your calculator

This is how to create a program that tests your reflexes in a simple, addictive game.

First, you need to find out how your calculator is on timing. Run this program for x seconds and divide the final output by x (round up if necessary). This will be referred to as x. This is the approximate number of times the program can run per second and will require adjusting because the final program is much longer than the tes program.

  • :0 -> A
  • :While 1
  • :Disp A
  • :A + 1 -> A
  • :End

Ok, here's the program, some commands may look slightly different on various models but you should be able to find all of these under Catalog:

  • :ClLCD
  • :0 -> D
  • :int (rand*100) -> A
  • :For(B,1,A,1)
  • :Output(4,5,"READY..."
  • :End
  • :ClLCD
  • :Output(4,5,"NOW!"
  • :Lbl A
  • :getKy -> C
  • :If C ≤ 0
  • :D + 1->D
  • :round(D/x,3)->E
  • :If C > 0
  • :Then
  • :ClLCD
  • :Output(4,5,E)
  • :Output(4,9,"SECONDS"
  • :Stop
  • :End
  • :Goto A

Activate the program then wait for the screen to say 'NOW!', then hit any key. Your time will appear around the center of the screen. Hit ENTER to restart the program. You may want to test out the timing and adjust x accordingly (I use 12 for my TI-85 calculator); lower numbers count faster than larger ones. Also adjusting the numbers by Output can help center the game. The first number is the rows (equal to y coordinate), the second columns (x coordinate)

If there are any errors, let me know and I will fix them accordingly; please include the error type ("Data Type", "Domain", etc.)