This is also the first single from the album a hundred days off. It was released in the US and Canada on August 27th (12 inch only). Japan got it on the 28th and the rest of the world (uk/europe/australia) got it september 2nd. There were also promo 12" releases, one of which had the radio edit on one side and was blank on the B-side; the other had one remix on either side (thanks mkb). Everywhere but Australia and Japan two different discs were released and sold separately.

Disc the First:
This one sports a strange clay dog/horse scultpure whose innards seem to be rupturing. He is picking up apples, or perhaps he is sorting through his collection of spare noses, wondering what to wear for the Great Unveiling. It is unclear and black and white
  1. Two Months Off (Radio Edit) 3:57
  2. Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots - Vocal Mix) 8:15
  3. Headset 5:59
Disc the Second:
On this one the same traumatized horse/dog, though it seems to be worshipping some sort of squirrel angel, also made of clay, but flat. Or perhaps he is mourning over the fallen shape of his guardian rocketman, once so fair and proud.
  1. Two Months Off (Album Version) 9:07
  2. Two Months Off (John Ciafone Vocal Mix) 7:31
  3. Tiny Clicks 2:14
If you just want to get all the songs, try to get the Japan version or the Australian version. Though the latter is sans album version.
source:; my copy of the Australian version