And then they played Our National Anthem.

I was able to cry for the first time. When it seemed that there was no one to turn to. When it seemed that I was the only one in the world. When it seemed that that world was coming to an end. There was hope.

I haven't yet been able to write to the fullest, now perhaps I can. It seems that I still cannot grasp it all, cannot grasp it's reality. Thousands of people, it feels now as it felt on that day, it felt that one in ten people died that day. The loss, irreconcilable. Not a statistic as the addage goes, but each a loss that I feel in the places so close I cannot reach them. Beyond me. I cannot give an explanation, I believe that all things happen for good, this too, it must be, it has to be!, I see the good in people, the unity of the world, but the loss is beyond that. Am I inbalanced in my views? This truly has happened for good but why did it have to happen? I am a Christian, I have faith in the One True God, but even I cannot understand it. I know that He is in control but I would not know how to tell that to someone who is mourning. I live, I hope and I pray. This shadow someday will reveal a better sky beyond.