It's three AM and the old inferiority complex rears its ugly, though oft revealed, head.

The combination of reading the E2 statistics, the best users list, and my nodes, I may have come to the realization that I am, in fact, not good enough. This is one of the worst feelings. Logically I can reconcile my existence but not technically nor practically. Upon taking issues relating to E2 more seriously, I shall have to reevaluate my contribution to E2. I'll be here most certainly, some day people will care whether I'm here or not, I will simply exist in the database, gleening what I can from the gel. Learning from the best, I hope that I will reach the end of this Pilgrimage to find a better me. I love everything2. I want the best for it, and I have not been giving it my best.
Thus begins my quest to node for the ages.
/msg me with anything you'd care to share.
Thank you all for your contributions, E2 is forever