If the Real World were like the Internet...

The government would be made up of scientists and Comp-Sci majors

Said government would supply the infrastructure, not the legislation

The Linux Users would amuse themselves for hours sitting on a hill and watching the houses in the
valley opposite them spontaneously burst into flames

Outside of every town there would be a trailer park marked "AOL" that stretches for miles and miles in which people would
live and work and have all other methods of receiving information removed by force from their homes

RMS would lead a militia

A first post could get you sainthood in the church of Slashdot

CmdrTaco would be a real Commander

No one would know what Hemos means but would be a household name nevertheless

One out of every ten retail establishments would be filled with porn and every time you tried to walk out of one, a new one would pop up outside the door

Anonymous Cowards would be caught and drawn and quartered

More to come...