Clearly this is Christmas

Packaging strewn about, carpeting the floor like busy linoleum, presents left in piles, waiting for the morning. Food's been eaten, cards emptied, hugs given to all present, and one special gift.
My quasi-cousin (it's weird) was at my house participating in the activities until 2:30, 40 minutes later, she opened up her present, a new baby boy (who has yet to be named). It was a quite unusual experience for the large portion of us who had not seen a contraction nor really knew what it was to look in to the eyes of someone who bears such pain. I did not go to the hospital, my gran had a knee replaced 2 weeks ago and wouldn't have been able to go; but we did lose most of our party for even the very short time it took to deliver the baby. The whole thing certainly brought it all into perspective for me. There's wrapping and trees and presents and video games but on the other hand we have a new human life. It's not quite like anything I've before experienced. Thinking of everything that is before him, all the life, the pain, the love. I think he was given the biggest gift today,

a whole world to unwrap.