It is the way photography started, and still a beautiful option for Amateurs and Professionals alike.

It seems now that color has wrested all of the available photography turf from beneath black and white, but it is still widely in use. Many, including myself, consider black and white photography to be a more true representation of a moment, much the same as a book typically tells a better story than a movie. We, of course, live in a generation where new and shiny seem to rule, but almost no one is exempt from awe upon seeing a beautifully made B & W photograph. Ansel Adams is undoubtedly an artist in this field. His craftsmanship has made his a household name. Upon seeing his works, few can doubt the depth and scope of reality captured in this medium. I would almost go as far as to say it captures more than the eye can see.

I have conciously set up photographs and, when I print them, I am stunned to see what they contain. Even though I remember what I was thinking and picturing at that time, it still amazes me when the developer has done it's job.

I will not argue that color does not have it's place, and it is indeed a very large place, I would scarcely dream of trying to capture a sunset or a caribbean blue sea with monochrome. But for many things, I prefer Black and White. It brings a scene, a person, a landscape down to it's most simple and most complex, and we see what is, not what we want to see.