Only weaklings post in the Daylog...

This is the last message I saw in the chatterbox last night (or something to that effect), before I logged out.

For some unknown reason, I was bothered with what the writer posted. Is it because the daylog is free for all and senseless or not, your post gets to stay in it anyway? Or is it because I post in the daylog most of the time? And it also left me thinking on how people here in E2 judge a weakling from not. Is it the grammar? The delivery? The content? The topic?

Well, for whatever's the reason, I don't like what he said and I definitely don't agree with it.

As for all the ignoramus out there who think my rant sucks and thinks I'm a so-called weakling because I post here in the Day Logs, I suggest you commit a suicide. But before you do it, I have some suggestions to your safe, peaceful and unforgettable departure in this turd forsaken world:

    1. Before anything else, don't ever think about the people who love you, the material things you own or anything else that will make you think twice. Condition yourself and make yourself believe that you'll do the world a great service if you commit a suicide.
    2. Choose the way you'll die. some of the popular ways are poisoning yourself, lying on the railroad tracks, shooting yourself in the head (or in the heart if you're still alive after blowing your head off) using a gun or a harpoon, and by hanging yourself in the ceiling. Some ghetto ways of dying are jumping from a high rise building, lying in the middle of an expressway, and by not breathing. Remember that you can still survive in any of these techniques in committing suicide so choose the right one that works best for you. Other than that, most of these methods are gory and messy. Bear in mind that it sucks when other people peek in the window of your coffin and notice that you look like a dehydrated fly.
    3. Don't forget to write a suicide note. This is the most exciting part because you get to blame all the people and they can't do anything but feel guilty. I suggest you make a softcopy then copy paste it here in E2 and make a hardcopy to be distributed to all those concerned (that way, I get to know if you did the right thing). State there that you really don't want to day but its because of them (the one who gets the blame) that you committed suicide. Suicide note is important because it informs the authority that you were not murdered.
    4. Choose a theme song. Something mellow. Like Let's Get Loud by J. Lo.
    5. Write the suicide note legibly. Have it written by a stenographer, if possible. Put it in places where it can be easily seen. Stick it in your forehead.
    6. Get a nice coffin. Color white. With broadband internet access. That way, you can post here in E2 the outcome of your decision.
    7. Plan the kind of clothes you'll wear. You'll only die once so better die with style. Get the kind of textile that will not shrink or is not itchy to the skin. bring two pairs in case you soil it.
    8. Choose a good spot in the cemetery. The grave of the people who are born in the year of the dragon, rat, rabbit, chicken, beef and pork should face the Pentagon. Other than those mentioned, they should be cremated and used as a foot powder to ensure a safe journey to the other world (Feng Shui Journals, page 69).
    9. If you have any identification's such as working permit or a driver's license, better bring it with you. Else your name will end up in tabloid alongside the news about the horse with 3 heads or about an elephant with 5 balls.

Comments?! Bite me.