My day's a bust. I hate my life and I my girlfriend hates me.

Well at least, I've got this book "Paboritong Libro ni Hudas" (Favorite Book Of Judas) lent to me by a friend. It was funny -and- shallow at the same time but it kept me busy for awhile. Though superficial, it left me some things to think about, like these:

* How do people make up curses? How do people in the whole world make/formulate/construct curses?

* How did the word shit come about in this world? Why did the Americans use this word to convey negative emotions? (e.g. Holy Shit! You just ate my granny!) How about the word asshole? Who's the world's first asshole and what does he smell like?

* What the hell's adult toys?! If there's a "Kiddie Meal" served at Mcdonald's, will there ever be an Adult Meal?! Will there be a free collectible adult toy for each adult meal? And will customers ask for an exchange (to the crew in the counter) if ever they get the toy they already have? Ei there, I already have this Real Vagina. May I have the love doll instead?

* How do they do weight loss in 7 days naturally?! The only "natural way" they can do (and I can think about) is by giving the patient tuberculosis.

All of these, and many more, in the absence of my sanity and the presence of stupidity.:(