Farewell my friend...

I really can't accept that I can't be with you
Every hour is like a year passing by
For every minute I remember
Each day that we are together
We're still strong and resilient traversing
Every trial that we face
Still standing and ready to fight
Until the end, we are ready to die

I really can't spell to think that I am actually leaving
In your company I am safe
But when I am about to leave
You don't have any idea how much
I forced and convinced my parents that I'll be staying behind
But life is just like that
There are winners and losers

Please don't think that I have forgotten you
Because I brought with me the immense pain living without you
Every teardrop that falls from my eyes
Substantiates our indescribable friendship

I can't accept that you're really gone
If only I can bring you with me
It's just that I don't have enough money
If only I can bring you with me in my travels
That you'll be the one I'd travel
So that you'll be with me in different places
But it's just that its plain impossible

This is really how fate goes
We will be separated
Though I do hope that we will not forget our wonderful beginnings
That we should continue until the very last day of our lives
Our promising love will stay
Here... here in our hearts
Intensified and bonded tightly by our distance

As I depart
I don't have anything in mind except your safety
If only I could call you all
So that I could kiss and thank you
In all the things you've given and shared to me
Know that I will never forget you
Always, even if you are not with me
I will always bring you in my thoughts and in my mind
To serve as an inspiration in my life's well-being

I know a time will come that we will see each other again
The time that the creator had set for us
I know that these things has its own reasons
And these reason do have an equivalent happiness in the future
But for now, even if it hurts me most I'd like to tell you...

Farewell my friend...