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Late. Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi’s biography.

Late. Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi son of Dur Mohammad Khan was born on 28th of February 1920 in Malajat of Kandahar Province Afghanistan.
Late. Khwakhuzhi started studying at the age of 6 and after his graduation he studied in Collage of Teachers Training and finished it successfully in the year 1938 and afterward started teaching in Habibya High School.

His first poem was published in Kandahar daily newspaper (Tulo-e-Afghan) in the year 1934 while he was just 14 years old.

In 1946 he started working as a principle in Kandahar’s Kokaran School.
In 1948 he started working as a principle in Kandahar’s Ahmad Shah Baba High School.

Late. Khwakhuzhi was an active member of the Afghanistan’s Weash Zalmyan Movement right from the beginning of the movement.

As Mr.Zarmalwal has declared in one of his statements that (“These people are he first one who started the Weash Zalmyan movement.

From Kandahar and Farah: - Pohand Abdul Hai Habibi, Ustad Abdul Raof Benawa, Late. Faiz Mohammad Angar, Late. Mohammad Rasul Khan Pashtoon, Pohand Abdul Shakoor Reshad, Ustad Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi and Late. Abdul Razaq Farahi.

From Nangarhar: - Ustad Gul Pacha Ulfat, Ustad Qyam-ud-Dean Khadim, Pohand Siddique ullah Reshtein and Late. Ghulam Hassan Khan Safi.

From Ghazni: - Late. Noor Mahammad Taraki.

From Pakiya: - Naek Mohammad Pakityanai and Ghulam Mai-ud-Dean Zarmalwal who was known as Ghulam Mai-ud-Dean Roshan.”)

Late. Khwakhuzhi was arrested by the Government due to being a member of the Afghanistan’s Weash Zalmyan Movement in the year 1950.

Late. Ghulam Gelani Khan has also mentioned this incident in one of his topics in the Book named (Weash Zalmyan) the book was written by Mr. Mohammad Halam Baserkai and was published by the Afghan Cultural Association in the year 2000.

Late. Ghulam Gelani Khan says (“In 1950 the Afghanistan’s Weash Zalmyan Movement was at its best in the Kandahar Province and was progressing well.
As one of our active member late. Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi the director of Education in Kandahar Province was arrested by the Kandahar’s Governor Mohammad Younus Khan.
He was the first member of our Movement to be arrested by the Government.”)
Late. Khwakhuzhi started his personal work and life after he was released.

In 1942 he successfully finished the course of Skilled Education and Literature.

In 1946 he got the first position in the Pashto Literature Award.

In 1956 he was forced to leave Kandahar and settle in Kabul and then in Kabul he was hired as a skilled member of the Pashto Educational Academy.

In 1957 he was hired as the manager of Radio Afghanistan Control section and teacher of Pashto language in Habibya High School.

In 1959 he was hired as assistant director of Radio Afghanistan and teacher of History in Isteqlal High School.

In the same year he got the Rahman Baba Literacy Award in poem.

In 1960 he was hired as assistant director of Afghan Theater (Pohanae Nandare) and teacher of History in Naderya High School.

In 1961 he was a member of Afghan-China Friendship Association.

In 1962 he successfully finished the Journalism Course.

In 1963 he was hired as a General Director of literature in Publication Ministry of Afghanistan.

In 1965 he got the second position in (Da Meenapal Nishan) from his Excellency King Zaher Shah.

In 1966 he was hired as the President of the Book Publication Association in Ministry of Information and Culture.

In the same year late. Khwakhuzhi continued his political activities while he worked in the Progressive Democrat Party of Afghanistan together with late. Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal.

In 1967 he was hired as the President of Afghanistan’s Public Libraries.

In 1969 he got the first position in (Da Meenapal Nishan) from his Excellency King Zaher Shah.

In the same year in Afghanistan he was elected as a member of National Committee of UNSCO.

In 1971 he was hired a Manager for Virtue of Pashto Language in Afghanistan’s Academy of Education.

In 1973 he was invited by the King of Saudi Arabia (Shah Faisal) to visit Saudi Arabia and during his visit he also did the precept of Pilgrimage.

In the same late. Khwakhuzhi was forced to retired.

He was also awarded the best Cultural worker’s Award (Pohanpal).

On 24th October 1992 due to some diseases that he had he passed away.

Late. Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi was not only a sensitive poet, good writer and a journalist but also had a part in training of the new generation.

Late. Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi left these Books behind him amongst which some of them have not been published yet.

1. Da Meenae Wazhma (Collection Of Poems)
2. Aikayat Na Dai Aqiqat Dai (It Is Not A Story But Truth)
3. Yawa Zharawonki Manzara (A Tearful Scene)
4. Marghalara Aow Noor Khan (A Story Of Marghalara Aow Noor Khan)
5. Sheen Khali Aow Ghulalai (A Story Of Sheen Khali Aow Ghulalai)
6. Da Chostaolobon Landi Khabari (Sayings Of Chostaolobon)
7. Dwa Zwane Marg Mayenan (Two Young Dying Lovers)
8. Da Meenae Wazhma 2 (Collection Of Poems Part 2)
9. Da Meenae Wazhma 3 (Collection Of Poems Part 3)