Being the first person to finish a test, especially a big important one like a midterm or a final, is a giddy and terrifying position. Am I missing something? Why didn't this take me as long as it's taking everyone else? Am I forgetting everything? Am I reading the questions wrong? Or am I just that good?

It makes one question one's confidence in one's self, and one's abilities. At the same time it gives a flush of potential pride: I'm faster, better than these others. I can do just as well, or better, in less time. Until we get those tests back, until we see that little letter grade, we are probability waveforms, uncertain of our quantum state. Are we made or ruined? Genius or moron? Saint or monster?

I hate being the first to finish a test.

Addendum 11/4/2000: Apparently, I'm just that damned good. Whoo!