Also the name of the unofficial geek/hacker/weird person coalition and listserv at Simon's Rock College from 1994 to 1996. Albania started as a result of an absurdity propagated by Simon's Rock student Seth Carney, who stated that he would spend one week insulting every nation on Earth, in alphabetical order. He sort of got stuck at Albania. As a result, a listserv was created (as was inevitable at that time), to which most of Carney's friends soon joined. Kesper North, Frater 219 and dmd were all founding members, or close to it.

By coincidence, these people composed the majority of the geeks and hackers in that year's freshman class. Albania became an entity, a social club of sorts; its membership was around fourteen or fifteen people at its height, and the Albania listserv had traffic loads upwards of 900 messages a day. Albania eventually faded away as cliques formed and the vicious social backbiting that was so common at Simon's Rock during those years eroded the friendships that had founded Albania in the beginning. Eventually, Albania lost all its members (some subsumed into the new mailing list Trog, others disappearing and never heard from again), and the listserv was deleted.