I've lived with several cats and a few dogs over the years. Don't get me wrong, I love cats. One of my favorite pets, Fidget, was a cat. But here's how I view the list:

1. I've had cats fall asleep on my head, sit down in magazines I'm reading, hop on the kitchen counter for a sniff at dinner, etc etc. If personal space includes automobiles, I've had cats (mine and otherwise) leave footprints all over them, and one that even crawled into the engine and got it's fur beaten off by the fan when someone started the car.
2. ...unless they are upset with you for any of a multitude of reasons. Then the catbox becomes optional, and they will poo in a spot where you are as unlikely to see it as you are likely to step in it. Plus I don't think vomiting falls under potty training, since they never vomit into the the catbox. And that's worse to clean up then poo.
3. I had a cat who would yowl in my window from outside at night because he'd climb onto the roof and couldn't get back down. Getting tired of this, we'd leave him in for the night, and wanting to go outside, he'd yowl at the windows indoors. Another cat I've been around meows for no reason. Ceaselessly at times; He meows if you don't meow back. You meow, so he meows back to you. MEOW!!!! Yes, my dog is loud but I usually know why. ie "The mail is here", "noise outside", "someone just kicked the front door in".
4. ... but they do tend to keep their stank-ass poo in the house. And if you live in a small house, the poobox is in your bedroom. And I don't care what kind of odor-masking self-clumpy auto-whatever litter you've got, it still smells like shit. A trashcan with catpoo in it (outside, hot, in the sun) becomes a raunchy stinkbomb that attracts flies, and woe be unto him who takes out the trash.
5. See #2.
6. Try to take food away from a hungry dog and we'll talk personality. More so my dog knows his name, can follow a few spoken instructions, and keep track of (most of) his possessions. I've never seen a cat be remotely interested in anything anyone says. And I don't buy that "He understands you, he's just above obeying" crap.
7. Not all dogs are 190 pound Saint Bernards. If you want a dog that can fit in the bed with you and whomever, buy a 10 pound dog. They do exist.

So are cats better then dogs? That's like asking if PC's are better then Macs. Get what suits you.