I got a bunch of my hair cut off today.
Typically I sport some sort of mullet-looking mohawk thing with about 5 inches loose in the back. Usually black, it's been half blond lately ever since my attempt to turn it blue. Now it's a very conservative, nearly indescernable mohawk with about nothing in the back.

I've had long hair for about four or five years, or ever since I learned that my parents didn't like it. But I might be heading for a job interview soon and can't afford to mess it up in the name of nonconformity. The stylist guy even asked "Are you getting a job or something?". "Yes", I said, "and The Man doesn't like individualists".

It's still wierd since I go to straighten it and there's just nothing there. Oh well. I'm over it, and soon enough my long haired friends will be over it.

I also had one of those cool psychic moments again, during the drive home. These seem to happen once or twice a week. I was thinking trash about the local 80's radio station. A node title flashed through my mind: "How come I can't hear 'Straight Outta Compton' or other cool old rap on my Eighties station?". But I knew it'd be nuked so I flicked the 80's station on and they were playing "The Humpty Dance". Cool. It wasn't NWA, but good enough for me.

Let's get stoopid!