More cool nightmares!

For some reason I woke up and was very confused about the time. The clock said 3:15, but I couldn't believe it. Fully awake, I went to go get my watch. Same thing. Hm, went to bed. Then I was kinda trapped in that half asleep, half awake phase for a long time. In the dream (??) I was in bed. I'd get up to turn on the lights, and all the junk on the floor of my room would be stuck to the ceiling. It looked like the scene from Poltergeist where all the kitchen chairs hover eerily in midair. At first it wasn't that spooky, but my notebook was up there and I didn't want it falling on the floor.

So I dealt with all that somehow, tried to sleep and I felt the force of creepiness whipping through the room again. Lights on, all the stuff was back up there. As if The Matrix had slipped a bit and increased the X value for all my stuff. For some reason I really had the hell scared out of me now and tried to sleep. I felt that force again, and my shirt moved. But then it was over, and all I did was lie there in terror.

I decided to walk down to the walgreens to get some toy food. I was scared shitless about all the stuff happening in my room so I was goin strapped, with my rl Mossberg 500 shotgun that has a collapsable stock. I had the rod concealed under my jacket. It was dead of night in the dream, and I figured I could get away with it. Just out and back real quick.

But, on the way back, I somehow wound up downtown. East St Louis. I was now packin in broad daylight. and terrified that the cops would find me and bust me for sure. And I somehow ran into someone I knew, who ducked us into a whorehouse (wtf??) for reasons whatever. We stood around for a while talking about nothing with the ho's. I didn't get any service per say, and suddenly I got the notion the cops were about to raid the place. A peek out the window verified this. I forgot about my friend and bolted for the alley door. Sure enough, the street side of the alley was lined with cops. And I still had that goddamn shotgun on me. I didn't think about going back in, but headed back down the alley.

There were cops lining the back of the whorehouse as well. I just turned and walked away as calmly as I could. To get to another alley, to duck into somewhere else, to get away. Then I heard a "HEY!" far back from the cops. I didn't look, just started running. I ran through back a maze of back alleys for while and ended up in the playground of some religious downtown school. And somehow, I'd wound up with more items, like a big box and a newspaper, and another freakin boomstick. Great

The best way I could think to carry all this shit was box in hands, shotguns on top of it, and a newspaper on top of them. I could walk with all the junk and armament and look like I was readin the paper. Then I wound up at the abandoned friends house, which was pretty noneventful except I almost let all his birds out of his house by whoops.

/me really needs to get back into lucid dreaming!!