Those who stand idly by, who do nothing as the basic freedom of speech and expression are taken away, are the ones responsible for censorship. Whether the movement originates in the far left or the far right, by the young, middle-aged, or elderly, the secular or the sacred, it is the complicity of the idle that gives it power.

It matters little when a vocal minority seeks to oppress thought and expression if the majority is strong enough to protect the rights of everyone in the society. But if the majority is meek and seeks to shy away from the debate due to the fear of persecution, it is powerless. Those who sit on their hands and choose appeasement, rather than taking a stand and possibly stir up tension and debate, are ultimately responsible in the alienation of their own rights.

Who is to blame for censorship? It's not Tipper Gore, it's not some little old lady in the house on the corner. It is the idle, those who refuse to stand up for their own rights when they are threatened.