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"Who cares if it's ugly? IT WORKS!"
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OK, so I'm not really a fox - but I play one on TV.

OK, so I don't play one on TV. But I play one on the Internet. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

My name is Kenneth, though feel free to call me Ken, Kenster, Fox, Furface, Flea Hotel, Slimebrain, Noodlenose, or The Great Purple Monkey Head Trimmer of Guadalajara. You wouldn't believe what I call you guys.

My corporeal form tends to exist in the South Florida area, mostly in a section of the town called West Palm Beach that looks like a 12x20 cross between a disaster area and a war zone. I live with two other human-being-like-creatures, named Brad and Derrick, of whom I will probably discuss often. Brad is 21, Derrick is 20, and I am 19. Give or take a millennium or two.

My interests include finding new useless things to do with my obscenely quick Internet connection. But, then again, you probably knew that. Of those things, my favorite is Furry Roleplaying. I have created a character that is a six-foot-tall anthropomorphic red fox. Think Disney's Robin Hood crossed with Don Rickles. His entire existance is defined by himself and the other characters of similar people finding new useless things to do with their not-quite-as-obscenely-quick Internet connections.

I also enjoy reading, especially Star Wars novels. Because of this, I have accumulated a trivia base on Star Wars knowledge that dwarfs those of my friends. Well, they used to be my friends until I chewed them out for the 1,473rd time for not spelling "Wookiee" correctly...

I also participate in exercises in futility and frustration - the ones known as being a fan of South Florida professional sports teams. The Miami Dolphins are such teasers, looking so good before shattering into thousands of shards of nothingness...

Another major interest of mine is music. I am a well-practiced tenor, and enjoy singing greatly... especially since it's the only thing I can do musically that other people actually want to listen to. I enjoy most types of music, though I love Rock above all else. Classic Rock and New Rock alike, I cherish them both. Most prized album - S&M by Metallica. No other album compares.

Anyway, the more I think of, the more I'll post here. Until then, thanks for listening, and please feel free to discuss anything with me. I may completely ignore you or laugh in your face, but feel free all the same. After all, it's all about communication.

Happy noding...
Kenneth Fox