The hands gliding over the contours of her body were like those of an artist's molding her out if clay, manipulating her into nothing more than a quivering mess. Hands that moved over her with such delicacy that made her skin itch and burn for more.

She gasped; a nervous chuckle escaping through her lips.

The feather light touches danced over her body, moving slowly, daring to explore very inch of the perfect smoothness they could find.

A smile played on her lovers lips, a knowing smirk, as stomach muscles tensed under tentative fingers and teasing kisses. Both traveling in different directions, as hands went lower, her lovers lips fell above her navel, a tongue licked the valley between her breasts, a kiss placed against her throat, her cheek, her nose, the other cheek, and after much longing finally tasted her lips in a kiss that had her back arching off the bed.

Her lovers fingers reached their destination.

Her hips moved almost desperately against the fingers moving at a steady pace between her thighs. She could not collect herself in time to stop the greedy moan that escaped her, she felt her lover elicit a chuckle against her mouth, her own hands burrowing in her lovers hair, pulling her down and aggressively reconnecting their lips.

She felt her lovers mouth open in a low moan at the intensity of the kiss and took the opportunity to explore her lover with her tongue, tasting something primal, something so intoxicating that she tightened her grip around her lover, needing to be closer, to feel the length of their bodies touching, head to toe.

Her lovers fingers moved faster within her depths, she could feel the pleasure coiling in her womb.

Hips arched off of the bed, the kiss broken as her head arched back, legs quivering as her climax reached its peek. She barely registered the light kiss to her throat as her lover withdrew her fingers, stroking her between the thighs as her orgasm resided.

Her body glowed as the light reflected against the sheen of sweat covering her body, her skin blushing beautifully as she tried to regain control over her breathing.

She laughed, planting quick kisses on her lovers lips, their foreheads resting against each other, as they lay tangled together within the bed sheets.

It was at this point that she always wondered what to say, but somehow, deep down, she knew that Amanda didn't expect her to say anything, because the way they lay together said it all, that this time spent together was filled with nothing but love, absolute.