I forced myself to wake up late. Again. I have to get into my rhythm of waking up really late and going to sleep even later. It's my new shift at work. Whatever.

I groggily decided what the hell difference does a hundred dollars make anyway, so I went up to my local native american casino and threw it away. Drove back in to town, cruised around, went to a friend's house. We hung out there for an unimportant amount of time, and went over to bible study. Whatever you believe, getting your beliefs reinforced in a community setting is always a good and empowering thing. I recommend it.

After that we randomly drove over to the local university. I wanted to find a piano. I was also Tom's ride so he didn't really have a say in the matter. I don't think he really cared though. That or study anatomy.

It was getting on 11 o clock so the main concert hall was locked, as were the practice halls. The door to the recital hall was, however, conveniently ajar. Tom wanted to leave. I wanted to check it out. I went inside. Tried to be quiet, but Tom accidentally(?) slammed the door, so the people inside heard us. It was a pianist and a cellist. I asked if they minded us listening. They kinda did but neither one wanted to say it, so we stayed and pretended not to realize it.

They were both really good, you could tell. Hadn't practiced much together, though. You could tell that too. I forgot to ask what they were playing. They finished, we applauded, as I'm sure is customary in those settings. Cellist packed her things and left. We spoke briefly... well actually tom spoke briefly as he is the chick magnet of our duo and I am the non-chick magnet. Her name was Stephanie, but she didn't tell us that.

Pianist did his practicing. It was a piece by Liszt. The name was french, so I was sure I would remember it when I got home. I didn't, not that I could ever play anything of that magnitude anyway. It was phenomenal. I'm talking tear-inducing good. Liszt is a romantic. So am I.

Somewhere in the second movement a thought emerged in the ether of my mind realizing that the cellist had been hot. And it was one of those cool, come from behind nerdy hot things too, which just made it ten times better. It took a while to grow on me though, and I didn't fully grasp it till pianist finished, we left, and I dropped off tom and went home. Now I wish I had said a word.

It would have come out lame though, I just know it.