Well I sat down and got to thinking about why the only girl I've ever loved is that person. We never went out, we never had any relationship more than just being friends, yet still the magic of love was there in a way it never was in any other relationship, no matter how long we were together, or how steamy and kinky the erotic portion got. Basically what I came up with were the following four points, bulleted for your convenience.

  • She made me feel like more than I was

  • Her mere presence gave me warm fuzzies.

  • I knew from the moment our eyes met I was in love.

  • There was never any doubt. Never any questioning. There was no question.

  • She did all of the aforementioned without even trying. It was her natural state of being.

  • I think the best definition of love that I've ever heard is "Love is something that cannot be defined."