This book is awesome! I had read Six Easy Pieces and Six Not-so-Easy Pieces by Richard P. Feynman, and I was starting to go through The Feynman Lectures on Physics, but this book was pure entertainment!

While the other Feynman books I had read were somewhat technical in nature, trying to explain how the universe works and interesting stuff like that, this book was just filled with fun and interesting stories from Feynman's Life.

What I learned after reading this book:

Mr. Feynman likes showgirls, topless bars, and gorgeous blonds. So much so that he will testify in court to prevent a nudie bar from getting shut down.

How to get a girl you meet at a bar to sleep with you? Just ask her "Will you sleep with me?" Before you waste money buying her drinks. She most likely will.

Drawing nude women takes a lot of practice with nude models.

How to impress people? Pick their locks.

How do you pick locks? By figuring out part of the combination in dubious ways, trial and error the rest of the numbers, and a good amount of bullshitting.

Mr. Feynman is very good at bullshitting his way though many instances in life.

I will NEVER be able to bullshit as well as Feynman.

What Los Alamos was like during the Manhattan Project.

School books mostly SUCK! Actually I figured this out myself, but Feynman just reassured me of the fact.

While throughout the entire books Feynman's love of Physics is never questioned, this book isn't about Physics. (Read one of his more technical books like the ones I listed at the beginning of this write-up). Rather than being technical, this book is more about the life experiences Feynman had and what he learned from them. Everyone can have fun reading this book and learning about it, even the non-science minded people. Really, it's more than just his experiences with women. READ IT!