Pop Dog is a wildly popular hot dog flavored soda pop. It also is sold based on a 1960's economy, thus costing only $0.05.

Or maybe not. Pop Dog is really just a sign/logo you'll see in a few maps while playing the awesome Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. The CS Team got the help of an outside source, named Barking Dog Studios (http://www.barking-dog.com), to help them on Counter-Strike beta version 5.0.

Features Barking Dog added to Counter-Strike Beta 5(as shown on their web site):

New Content: Gameplay Changes:
  • C4 is now an equipment item in slot 5 (to plant, select then hold down fire)
  • C4 can only be planted in bomb delivery zone
  • To defuse a bomb Counter Terrorists must target C4, press and hold the USE key
  • CTs can defuse C4 without a defuse kit in 10 seconds
  • CTs can defuse C4 with a defuse kit in 5 seconds
  • A progress meter is added showing CTs their progress defusing a bomb
  • A progress meter is added showing Ts their progress planting a bomb (this takes 3 seconds)
  • Defuse kit now an item which can be purchased - Nobody starts with a defuse kit
  • Defusing bomb wins round for Counter Terrorists
  • C4 can be dropped for other teammates
  • Hostages are automatically rescued at hostage rescue zones
  • Counter Terrorist and Terrorist teams are now labeled
  • Individual frags can be toggled on or off
  • Ghosts can be made visible to other ghosts (client defined)
  • Pre-Round grace timer standard setting 6 seconds (server defined)
  • Three observer modes: classic ghost, locked chasecam and freelook chasecam (press jump to toggle)
  • Auto-find teammate in observer mode (primary fire)
  • New radio messages and organization of radio keys (standard, group and report messages)
  • Can hear other players reloading
  • Mission briefing added to maps (can also be invoked during round)
Context Sensitive Help System:Terse Auto-help
  • Round start notification (i.e. hint to purchase items)
  • Observer mode notification, Verbose Auto-help
  • What to do with hostages (CTs rescue, Ts protect)
  • What not to do with hostages (injuring/killing)- How to lead hostages
  • Looking at a friend for the first time- Looking at an enemy for the first time
  • What not to do with friends (injuring/killing)
  • What to do with enemies (win by killing all enemies)
  • Picking up C4 for the first time
  • Out of ammunition for the first time
  • In a bomb target zone for the first time
  • In a hostage rescue zone for the first time
  • Auto-ID
  • Friend (name and health displayed)
  • Enemy (name displayed; health displayed only if observing)
  • Hostage (health displayed)

It has also been pointed out that in maps where the Pop Dog logo is shown, bubbles are coming out of the dog's mouth. This would suggest the dog has more to do with alcohol rather than soda. So Beer Dog might have been a more fitting mascot name, but some would argue that.