I love Junkyard Wars. I'm a junkyard war junkie. However, I strongly suggest that you do NOT tape episodes or record episodes on TiVo, then watch marathon runs of the show for hours on a daily basis.

Honey, the car antenna's not working anymore.

Don't worry I can fix it.

Fast forward 30 minutes, and you have the husband out with a circular power saw cutting through the side of the car so he can reach where the antenna's plugged in and use a bicycle sprocket to replace it.

If you have anything around the house that needs fixing, make sure no males living there get to see this show. EVER. They'll think they can fix it even if it means ripping out the entire wall and they have no other tool to use except a dirty sock.

Favorite episodes:
Off-Road Vehicles. One team built a car from scratch using poles, misc. axels, and a Honda Speedbike engine. The other team got a VW Bug, hacked off the back wheels, and transplanted a Oldsmobile front end to the bug's back end.
Cannons. Anything with explosives is good for me
Amphibious Vehicles. Using junkyard parts to build something that acts as both car and boat? Just absolutely astounding. The race winner's vehicles was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. A diesel jeep with oil drums as floats and a propeller stuck in the middle.
Demolition. Detroy a set of brick walls that vary from 6 inches to 18 inches reinforced thick. One team converted a RV so that there was a battering ram on the back, the other actually got a set of hydrolic pumps working that would pry bricks apart and pull them down.