I remember seeing Dman as one of the top users and hearing a little about him. I heard today from some fellow noders, while hanging out at The Blue Dragon, that he has been banned. I've done research and read his nodes. I shuffled through the Datagirl incident and watched him rant himself into oblivion. Up until now this place has had a very distant feeling. I really didn't perceive Kazeryu as an identity. I realize, now, that this is a thriving mini-world. It feels like realizing the vastness of the universe all over again. I feel that small. I can visualize the sea of noders and see myself swimming, unnoticed, in it. On the shores are the acolytes and on the mountain sides are the monks. The castles at the tops of the mountains contain the prestige of levels 9 and 10. Atop the clouds sit the "gods". I wonder who has noticed me? Who has seen Kazeryu and acknowledged him? I'm still young to this world. I think I've just gained a new devotion to this site. I've just gained a new love for it. I feel proud to be a part of all this. Somehow I feel special. I want to make a worthwhile contribution to this place. I hope I can, one day, achieve the clouds. I am Kazeryu. I am happy to be here with all of you.