I had just bought myself a new YZF R6(a rather sporty and very fast road bike) and told my friend Paul about it. He was really excited and came over with his Dad's Ducatti. We were riding on some road and my bike kept giving me problems. Paul told me all the things I should check but I couldn't find any of them. He was getting annoyed at me and then checked for himself and realized that I had been ripped off. When I looked at the bike I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed. It was all rusted up and was leaking all kinds of fluids. We had somehow ended up in my ex-girlfriends driveway talking to her dad about it. He kept saying I should have shopped around before buying, and I kept trying to explain to him that, I did and, this one was the best deal. We got into a huge argument somehow and I ended up having to walk home cause Paul had already left and Larry(ex's Dad) wasn't going to give me a ride. I left the bike there and woke up after tripping during the walk.