I was having a conversation with my ex-girlfriend and I can't remember what it was we were talking about. I knew I had to go somewhere but I couldn't remember what in the world I had to do. I realized I hadn't been paying atention to what Aubrey was saying and she just said something really important. I struggled to remember the syllables but I couldn't focus. She realized I wasn't listening and got very angry. After she stormed out I remembered I was supposed to meet my friend James to go riding. I raced out there on my bike but there was no power response. Every time I pulled on the throttle it wouldn't really increase speed at all. I couldn't shift so I was just stuck in first gear. I knew I wasn't going to get there in time and what I realized was that I would rather be talking to Aubrey anyway. I wanted to go back and stop her from leaving but I knew I had already ridden too far away and my bike was too slow to make it back in time.