I had to get to work at 6am this morning. *groan* It's so difficult in winter: I truly can't stand the cold weather. And cold for me is warm for everyone else! It's a side effect of being raised in the tropics. I can quite easily stand 30 to 40 Celsius, but once it drops below 18C my teeth are chattering and my fingers are numb.

6am isn't a bad time to be awake, all things considered. This morning was very, very clear: I could see the crescent moon brightly and crisply, and all the stars were hard pinpricks of light in the blue-black sky. For once, there was no ever-present smog haze on the horizon and every thing had a hard, defined edge to it. It made for a good start to the day.

Work was, as always, an exercise in staying awake for 8 hours. Thankfully, getting in at 6am means leaving again at 2pm and on this occasion missing the fire-drill everyone experienced at 2:30pm.

I spent half my time wondering why I was wasting my time at this place, and the other half scared about moving on to other things. I keep thinking of the things I'll miss: cheap flights, relaxed working hours, an easygoing boss. But that's not the way to live your life. I'm slowly coming to the realisation that if you count up what you're going to lose without looking at what you can gain, you'll always end up in a rut. You'll only make safe, calculated leaps, and things will never move forward in any area of your life.

Of course, the opposite is also true. I've made some pretty wild leaps in my life, and at least one of them has ended in me hitting the ground face first at a high rate of knots. Something I'm not eager to repeat.