Surfing the 'For Sale' ads at work today, this one really caught my eye. The name has of course been removed to protect the innocent and truly stupid individual behind this, and this is a direct cut'n'paste to preserve the text. Any spelling mistakes in bold are his.

1977 model, Datsun 120Y. Extensive modifications including 427ci Big block chev, 6/71 GM supercharger, bullet proof drive gear due dyno test to 870hp at wheels.
Tubbed rear end to house 335/30's P Zero goodyears. Nitrous direct injection. Drag Shute. Custom paint and interior. Engineers certificate and N.S.W. registered. Eastern Creek 8.79@ 312kph.
Good for responsible saturday night with friends!
Selling due to guess what? 10 years loss of licence due 243kph on Qantas Drive. Sorry officer I'm late for work.
Price $53000 o.n.o (Lamborgini diablo 0-200kph 9secs, my dato does it in 5secs flat). contact only by e-mail.

I showed this to the rest of the guys in my department, including my boss. None of us could resist: we contacted the person involved, and asked for a copy of the police report to prove it. One fax later, there it was:

243 Kilometres Per Hour in an 80 Kilometre zone

Ye gods.

He also provided the Engineers certificate, and some time-trials, proving his 0-200kph in 5 seconds claim.
And some people wonder why I'm afraid to drive in Sydney?

A bit of information for non-Australians: A Datsun 120Y is, well, a shitbox car. They're little 4-cylinder economy models, mass produced, cheap and mostly rust-ridden 24 year old cars, which mostly sell for around $500 - $1000 for a good specimen. Why on earth anyone would want to fit one with this major league gear is beyond me, but it sure as hell makes for an interesting story!