Today I celebrate the birth of my love.

I will wake up this rainy autumn morning and feel the warmth of his body holding mine.
He makes me feel safe when the world makes me insecure.
I will make him a cup of PG TIPS tea.
It's the little things he wants.
I will make him dippy eggs with marmite solders.
Just like mum used to make.
I will read to him while he takes a bath.
I like that he takes baths instead of showers. It's the time he needs.
I will give him my meager presents.
I hope he likes them. I can't afford much.
We will make love.
His touch is more present than I could ever ask for.
I procured other goods from England.
To give him a piece of the land he left for me.
We will go out to Mongolian BBQ with good friends.
To celebrate the man that he is, and how glad we are to have him.
I couldn't be more proud to call him my husband on his 27th birthday.
Thank you for spending your life with me.

Happy Birthday Dizzy