Nanner and Jenner

We played diligently with these
perfect women dolls,
and wished we were them.
You got braces.
I got breasts.
Your mother assured you
The Boob Fairy would come.

Did the Boob Fairy ever come for you?
I wouldn’t recognize your face now.
We never thought that would happen.
In third grade
I gave you stickers
to buy your friendship.
You lived in disgusting welfare houses
preferring to stay at my home.
We showered and slept together
giggling about boys all night.

I remember your first crush.
I fucked him last month.
He was my first love,
But he never loved me either.
I stole him from you
just as blatantly as we stole from the corner store.
Our bags overflowing with candy and make-up.
You cried when we got caught.
I didn’t.
You were spanked and grounded
and forbidden to see me again.
My mother didn’t ground me.
She knew I would lose the thing I held dearest.
I lost you Jenny.
I should have been the one crying.

Dana McNabb