I was shocked and awed. Were you shocked and awed?

We are not there for the right reasons. There are plenty of fuck head dictators in this world, and our record of installing a good democracy is deficient. They are an oil rich nation whose army for the most part doesn’t even own shoes. Some say now that the war is started, protesting is moot. They say opposing war is anti troop. I don’t want more innocent lives to be taken. I think that is pretty pro troop. CNN doesn’t show us the wounded. At every press conference they apologize and thank more American and coalition families for sacrificing their sons and daughters lives. Then they proceed to evade reporters questions. My co workers say, “Bomb the fuckers!” then talk about the rain. I watch buildings being incinerated like the WTC and I am supposed to not care in the name of democracy because the buildings are in Baghdad. Irreplaceable Oil is burning again creating more ecological disasters. Protestors are being arrested for not having permits. We are murdering innocent lives because Saddam Hussein may have someday thought about trying to attack us with weapons that he may or may not have that are incredibly hard to do any damage with anyhow. Homeland security is taking away civil liberties and most of us think this only means longer waits at airports. Americans are afraid to travel. I am afraid to post this. Big brother is watching. Tell any country that their nation’s safety and democracy is threatened and when the persons in power start a war, the people will follow. It never fails. I hear the I.N.S. (now under a new name) is rounding up all Americans of Iraqi descent for questioning. We are holding people indefinitely in prisons without trials or lawyers. The Bill of Rights is being abandoned, and our president, who is falsely in office, is using a big middle finger as the symbol for our foreign policy. What will the reprisal be for telling the United Nations to piss off? What happened to congress having to approve war? This war is only going to create more terrorism, not stop it. The “proof” that Sadaam had anything to do with September 11th is dubious at best. The “proof” that Colin Powell showed to the U.N. that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction was proven to be falsified. We have spent billions of dollars using impressive weapons of destruction on the masses. Meanwhile our economy and own people suffer. According to opinion polls, the majority of our people think we should support our president in time of war. They say if the war goes well, George W. Bush may be elected for a second term. I wish I knew how a war goes well. I would have loved to have been at the meeting when they decided to change the word assassinate to regime change. If the true meaning of this war is to eliminate a dangerous dictator, then who is next on our list? Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.