A weekend of opportunities that couldn't all fit in my pocket.

Is it too late? I don't want to miss any more opportunities. I would still like to give you my thoughts. I still need to tell the Hot Damn congregation how I want to eat them all like pudding. Allow me to debrief:

It did rain for forty days and forty nights. The Great Northern Convoy packed up their respective arks and traveled south. The Holland contingent took up the lead, which I thought silly since I had been to our Ohiorific destination before.

I started talking to Bart a while ago. We bonded over crispy apartments, and my work kept sending me near Columbus. Just before my second trip there I asked in channel if anyone lived there and could recommend fun stuff. As it turns out Zot-fot-piQ lives in the heart of, and has his finger on the pulse of Columbus. Furthermore, he makes a mean fondue. And you should all sample Sane guy's godiva cake.. But, I digress.

The smells of fonduetastic memories lead me astray from my convoy. The other two thirds of our convoy missed an entire expressway. As it turns out Bones is a follower. He wanted to get on the correct expressway, but decided to follow the gilded frame instead.
Ok. So I couldn't find the hotel, but my keen noder sniffing ability lead my new noder husband Dizzy, Void_ptr and myself straight to the porch.

THE PORCH was an intimidating place to arrive. There were noders a plenty, and I only recognized a few from my stalker like investigative picture seeking abilities. I have a communications degree so I went on a manic handshaking spree and instantly forgot all the names save 3. I never did get much of a chance to talk to those 3. I regret missing that opportunity. I took this journey to meet new friends. There were a few I was eager to size up. They seemed larger than life names with almost superhuman writing abilities. I wanted to make them more real, more flawed, more human. Much to my delight, they were all indescribably wonderful. They were everything I wished I could be. Not only could they write, but also they can sing, and dance, and juggle, and draw, and maintain stimulating conversations for 3 days straight. Noders never fail to impress me.

It wasn't long before the other two thirds of the great northern convoy arrived. Suddenly there were gods standing on the porch. I think I actually saw some bowing. Sure Dem_bones is one charming and impressive mother fucker, but try calling him boner. It will help you get over it too. My clique had arrived. I regret relying on them for support as much as I did. People were incredibly nice to me, and nary one masturbation nor tub joke was made. I wish I had cut the umbilical cord from my convoy. I exchanged witty banter here and there with the occasional ultra cool noder, but never went for a walk down the tracks with Phylis Stein, and JP. I didn't sit on the stairs and talk about Oscar Wilde, or Kurt Vonnegut with Chihuahua Grub. The event was bigger than myself, and I was lucky to remember more than 20 names, and marvel over ccunnings velvety apparel while I could.

What I really came for was the dancing. I only got to dance with zfp for a few seconds at my wedding. He promised to swing dance with me if I came. If you swing dance, she will come. I was about 3 drinks of whatever into the evening (thanks to whomever supplied the liquor I was drinking) when some Brian Setzer Orchestra tune started to wail. I collided with Bart in the dining room. I think I may have stolen this first dance from Ideath, however, I am glad I did. This was secretly my favorite part of the entire trip.

Bartley Day sure can jump and jive. He threw some kick step, kick step combo at me and my heart was thrusting through my throat. I then, in turn, stole a moment from Ideath. She asked me if I lead. So I spun her, and spun her from the follow position. Thank you both for the dance. I find joy in my belly when I am dancing. Unfortunately, there were things other than joy in my belly at the time. I actually took Dizzy on the puke walk with me. You know, the walk around the block from the party because you don't want to puke in front of the cool kids. I felt like I had been through a dryer. My stomach was churning and churning. Thankfully, I didn't barf, but I certainly didn't feel up to more dancing.

That was the missed opportunity I felt worst about. I really wanted to go to Outland. I can't begin to recount the numerous stories of Bart's that takes place at Outland. I also love to dance, and wanted to dance with more noders, but my ailing stomach prohibited me. I went back to my hotel feeling bad that I didn't get to play with any of Bart's friends. Luckily for me, I got a chance in the more quiet hours of day 2 to get to know the men behind the stories. I hope it's not too late to thank them for letting me in. I felt like I got to be part of their clique. I have liked you all for longer than you have known.

I didn't scamper off to the Park like the most of the clan did that day. I had the opportunity to enjoy some more quiet moments with our gracious hosts. I also got to hide my lack of aerobe throwing ability since the tree captured it long before I made it to the park. I had talked zfp into taking a nap and only regret not taking his shoes off and tucking him in. I went to the bathroom while I could and saw him laying there. He looked tuckered out, but was such a good host he wouldn't even shut his bedroom door. I hope he got some well-deserved rest. I am flabbergasted at how well he held it all together. I thought the bathtub jam was a big event. He had some 40 noders flowing around his apartment for 3 days with outliers there for over a week. Kudos to him. If I could raise a glass of that, what was it, $137 dollar bottle of whiskey, and spill it on the floor for the host who can boast the most roast..or soy product. Cheers Bart. You did an immaculate job. Remember the things that matter.

I found my way to this beautiful park filled with beautiful noders a few of which were mutilating a beautiful tree. I wept for the tree and donned one of its flowers on each fingertip channeling the spirit of the tree to beg for its mercy. O.k. not really, but the gist was there. Alas, to no avail. Despite my offers to buy the kids a new aerobe, they continued to beat it mercilessly. I found other ways to entertain myself. Dizzy and I went for a walk with Becca. We got to hear how her journey brought her here, and I wish her luck in wherever it takes her. She is a good woman and does make a mean cookie. Good thing too. Dizzy and I ate the cookie dough that I whipped up for dinner each night since she provided the freshly baked variety. That damn Holiday Inn only had room service until 9pm. Yeah, we stayed in a hotel. We figured 40 people, one bathroom, and limited floor space; it was worth the extra expense. After all was said and done that was what I regret the most. I missed the opportunity to see waking noders. Catching them in a moment few are privy to seeing. I liked the quiet moments. They are more honest.

Speaking of honesty, my sleeping wouldn't have been quiet. Thanks to the excessive precipitation, I had been quite ill for weeks. My humble apologies to anyone who took home my germs You will all be thankful I wasn't sleeping there with you Apparently I snore loudly when I'm sick. I also become revengeful when awoken too early. Props to ccunning for the best prank of the weekend. We got a 6 am phone call that made me weep for I thought I wouldn't get back to sleep. When I woke again at 9, I thought surely clampe did it. He's the kind of guy who shits in his brother's pillowcase. I prank called the papal framed clampe room to avenge my lost sleep. They were already up and sprinting to the last moments of the party. I regret not trading a few more hours of sleep to be there in the morning.

The final morning was beautiful. It's a wonderful phenomenon when 40 strangers all come together for a few brief turns on the earth, and leave hugging. Even if I never get around to messaging the Hot Damn group, talking in the catbox with individuals or even posting this node, there are people I will never forget. It was an honor to meet you all. To those I didn't get the chance to sit on the steps with, I hope there is another day my friends. For those who let me in, thank you. It means a great deal to me.