A rash of Black and white billboards have been sighted with messages ranging from inane to hilarious and strangely attributed to God.

"Loved the wedding. Invite me to the marriage." -God
"Don't make me come down there." -God
"Keep using my name in vain and I'll make your rush hour longer' -God"
"Wherever you go, there I am." -God
"I don't question your existence."
"Have you read my #1 bestseller?" -God
"I'm also making a list and checking it twice." -God
"If we don't communicate, you haven't got a prayer." -God

and the worst yet:

"I'm everybody's homie" -God

Random house declares this to be, "Simple. Relevant. Life changing."

Please, /msg me with a quote from your official God speaks billboard so that I may make a definitive list.