Illuminati University: A semifictional location produced originally (we think) as a concept by Steve Jackson Games - and later as a full GURPS sourcebook. Rumors remain unconfirmed if it happens to be an actual location or not.

Home to the second-strangest college ever. Students and faculty don't need to worry about getting killed, as a full-scale forced-growth cloning center with braintapes and a mysterious 'Treatment' for the faculty make death inconsequential.

The only thing which might be considered unusual here are completely mundane things. If it's weird, it may be here - somewhere.

The campus itself is set in a generally Earthlike place, similar to suburbia for the most part - Pyramid Mall and the faculty residences nonwithstanding. On the actual campus, however, it's entirely up for grabs. Reality Stabilizers are built into the walls of the campus to keep the worst experiments by the College of Thaumaturgy, C.T.H.U.L.H.U. (not to be confused with Cthulhu), and WUSE from shredding the universe apart.

Where normal faculty have academic battles, at IOU (you're not cleared for what the O means) the term is a 'faculty bloodfeud', and often ends up with repeated deaths on each side. COUP (The College of Obscure and Unhealthy Professions) often lends a hand to the highest bidder, in the former of assassination, blackmail, and torture. Bloodfeuds can erupt over anything, up to and including attempts to absorb entire colleges into others, form new colleges, or just get a raise.

Pretty much anything goes at IOU, as long as one rule is remembered: the ArchDean ALWAYS gets 10% of any profits. No exceptions.