Welcome to St. Patrick's Day. Not a major thing here in Va Beach, but it was the season pass holders sneak preview for Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

In a word, it was wet.

It's been a few years since I've managed to take the kids there, so instead of promises I bought season passes. Since they were having a paddy's day "party" I decided we should go. The weathermen flip flopped on wether or not it was going to rain during the week, be we decided to stick it out anyway.

Besides the rain, it was a disaster anyway. When I had ordered the passes they somehow managed to screw up my last name. When I called I was informed that it could be fixed at the park when I got there. Well not only could they not fix it, they didn't seem capable of operating the computer at all. So I have passes with the wrong name on them and printed so light they tell me right there that they don't expect them to work. So by the time we got to get into the park it was 11:00, and the rain started getting heavier than a drizzle.

Travesty aside, I got to ride all four coasters before I decieded to call it a day. Sadly the Drachen Fire has been dismantled. Dispite other peoples opinion of the ride I enjoyed it, as I think most other real coaster enthusiast did.