British television series which aired from 1989-1993, about a group of teenagers who run a newspaper called the Junior Gazette. This was an award winning show, but was often criticised because of its adult subject matter and language. (I think they managed to get the word "bitch" into almost every episode.)

The stories were written by Steven Moffat, and the series was based on an idea by Bill Moffat. Bob Spiers directed the majority of the episodes, though I'll clarify the other directors in the episode guide. (You may seen some of Spiers' other work, like Spice World.)

The cast:

This show is my all time favourite. I have several episodes on tape, and I watch them over and over, because to this day, I have not seen better writing in a television show.

"Ok it's like this: there's a tribe living by a river, and in the river are crocodiles. The tribe has one particular piece of wisdom passed down through the generations. It goes like this: If you happen to meet a crocodile, don't sick your head in its mouth.

Every now and then, and who knows the reason, people ignore this advice, which is sad, because they die, but very stupid because they were warned. They had a choice.

The moral of the story is this: you can't afford to be stupid. There are crocodiles."

---Lynda Day, Press Gang "There Are Crocodiles"