Book compiled by Thomas J. Glover, published by Sequoia Publishing, in Littleton, Colorado. ISBN 1-885071-00-0.

This is one of the most handy books anyone can own. It's just a little book, about 3"x5", and jam packed with useful information. The general information includes things such as Time Zones, State Information, Holidays, Morse Code, Airline 1-800 Phone numbers, and other such data you may need. Just in case someone comes running up to you screaming "what's the state flower of Iowa?!?"

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. There's information on carpentry and construction, like lumber grading and how to calculate cubic volumes of concrete. There's formulas for electricity, information about batteries, and standard wiring colour codes. Everything from chemistry, geology, math, computers, plumbing, and much more.

There's over fifty pages of conversion tables, just in case you ever need to know how many meters there are in a parsec, or how many drams there are in a scruple.

There's also a fourteen year perpetual calendar. My fortieth birthday is going to be on a Monday. How appropriate.

This is a book that everyone should have. It makes a great gift too. I got mine from my best friend, because he knows how often I sit at home wondering about bolt torque specifications.